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The 5 Best Grappling Dummy’s Of 2019

At the point when individuals consider dummies used for grappling, individuals naturally turn their noses up at the thought, anyway with regards to solo penetrates at home, there is no better substitute. There are many bjj grappling dummys for sale so lets take a look at the Best Grappling Dummy Review

Best Grappling Dummy

1.Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy Review

Ring to Cage Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy Filled 2.0 (Youth and Adult) (Adult)

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as of October 12, 2019 2:20 am


  • Improved design. Ships from New Jersey USA. 1-5 Business days delivery (1-2 business days delivery in Northeast, 2-3 business days delivery Midwest and Southeast, 4-5 business days delivery Southwest and Northwest) Always in-stock, Ready to ship same business day 4pm EST shipping cutoff time.
  • Recently reviewed Top Rated on Jiu Jitsu Magazine.
  • You are buying this from a quality and reputable brand in the industry with the best customer service, you can google RING TO CAGE gear reviews to know more. This product is not made by a Boxing Gear brand. It is made specifically for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and Wrestling. We also ship internationally.
  • Made of heavy duty military grade cardoura(nylon) material. Tight filled. This dummy Is a great product for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Wrestling. Mixed Martial Arts! you can do Train Guard, Inside Guard, Turtle Position, Start Position, North South, Mount, Side Mount, Keeps his legs up for Leg locks, Knee bars, Ankle hooks....
  • Adult Dummy is about the height equivalent of a 6 foot man and weighs approximately 70-75 pounds . Kids Dummy is about the height equivalent of a 4.6" foot kid and weighs approximately 30-35 pounds
Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy
Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy
Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy


The Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy is an incredible dummy for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo experts hoping to enhance their ground amusement. Such a great amount of scrupulousness has been put into this grappling dummy that when making it, the originators endeavored to consolidate about each part of how contenders prepare and place that into a dummy that isn’t just sturdy be reasonable.

The Ring 2 Cage Grappling Dummy is sufficiently firm to give practical protection from an accommodation how yet enough adaptability to permit different development drills. The Ring 2 Cage Grappling dummy is a bowing dummy, so while it isn’t awesome for tossing or striking, this makes it the ideal dummy to hone your monitor take a shot at.


In this quick video, I discuss a Jiu Jitsu favorite - the grappling dummy. In BJJ we don't do Kata's - such as with traditional martial arts. But we can practice 1000's ...

2.Century Grappling Dummy Review

Century Grappling Dummy 90 Lb

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  • Ideal for practicing throws, takedowns, submissions, and grappling techniques
  • Reinforced, laced stitching at seams and stress points
  • Posable arms for self defense drills and submission maneuvers

Product Description

Ideal for practicing throws, takedowns, submissions, and grappling techniques. Reinforced, laced stitching at seams and stress points. Posable arms for self defense drills and submission maneuvers. Thick cut vinyl for optimum durability. Imported

Century MMA dummy
Century MMA dummy
Century MMA dummy


The Century MMA dummy is to a great degree tough, built superbly and will keep going you quite a while. With regards to reenacting a grappling match, it completes a brilliant activity. The Century has an additional objective to the go to help MMA warriors rehearse their ground and pound.

A major distinctive amongst this and other grappling dummies is that the Century dummy can remain in a bolted position, which enables the warrior to shape it into any preparation position that they need to prepare.

Century Grappling Dummy

Ideal for practicing throws, takedowns, submissions and grappling techniques Reinforced, laced stitching at seams and stress points Posable arms for ...

3.Combat Sports Grappling Dummy Review

Combat Sports 90 lb Grappling MMA Wrestling Submission Fitness Jui Jitsu Dummy

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  • This grappling dummy is the ultimate training partner for MMA, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and submission practice
  • Use this contact sport dummy and go full out with your training sessions without the risk of injuring your training partner
  • This life size dummy is perfect for take downs, throws, submissions and strikes
  • Made of durable and easy to clean military-grade vinyl construction
  • Available in a variety of weights for your home or commercial gym needs

Product Description

Combat Sports grappling dummies are ideal for practicing takedowns, throws, submissions and strikes without risking injury to a training partner. Heavy-duty nylon construction. Sizes and Weights: 70 LBS (5' 4" tall) 90 LBS (5' 6" tall) 120 LBS (5' 10" tall) 140 LBS (5' 10" tall).

Combat Sports Grappling Dummy
Combat Sports Grappling Dummy
Combat Sports Grappling Dummy


The Combat Sports Grappling Dummy, is extraordinary compared to other looking dummies in our surveys, and outstanding amongst other looking dummies available period. The Combat Sports Dummy is produced using a sturdy type of polyester and that is then canvassed in vinyl, which makes it an amazingly tough grappling dummy this will withstand a ton of discipline.

This grappling dummy is multi dimensional dummy, that takes into consideration grappling, entries, tosses and strikes, so this is an extraordinary all rounder.

90lbs grappling dummy challenge

Attempted 100 throws on the grappling dummy only got to 32 but when you consider im having to pick up the dummy each time aswell its no small feat.

4.Title MMA Legged Wrestling Dummy Review

TITLE MMA Legged Grappling Dummy/Heavy Bag, 100 lbs

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  • Perform life-like throwing techniques
  • Super strength triple-ply synthetic leather cover
  • Comes with a removable hanging chain attachment and two rubber tie down cables for the legs when using as a heavy bag option

Product Description

Take your MMA, boxing and kickboxing training to the highest level with the most intense, realistic action ever. Now you can perform life-like throwing techniques, grappling moves, ground-and-pound training, submissions, chokes and stand up heavy bag workouts - all with one professional dummy. The dummy is designed for full 360 degree maneuverability around the body for strikes, punches, kicks, throws, knees, elbows and more with or without the arms. Perfect slipping and moving, and "real opponent action" while working out on the arms extended side. Practice unobstructed offensive attacks on the opposite side. Super strength triple-ply synthetic leather cover looks and lasts like real leather, at half the cost. An unbelievable training and workout addition to every fighting sports athlete. Comes complete with a removable hanging chain attachment, and two rubber tie down cables for the legs when using as a heavy bag option. Sizes: 70 lbs - 64", 100 lbs - 68"

Title Wrestling Dummy
Title Wrestling Dummy


This dummy can weight either at 70lbs or 100lbs, the Title Wrestling Dummy completes an awesome activity of imitating human development amid a roll. In the event that you’ve at any point watched the film Foxcatcher, this is fundamentally the same as the grappling dummy Mark Shultz uses to rehearse his takedowns toward the start of the film.

Title are known in the business for making to a great degree intense and strong items, so you realize that when you purchase this item you will get a decent exercise.

MMA & Taekwondo Training on Century Dummy | Martial Arts Kicks

Me training on the Grappling Dummy by Century doing various kicks and martial arts techniques. I hope you like it 🙂 Please Like, Share, Comment and ...

Generally speaking

Generally speaking in case you’re searching for an awesome grappling dummy, these would do the trick any warrior and would help them boring their strategies. Yet, in the event that we were to pick one, we would pick the Bubba II for it’s more reasonable stylings and appendage control.

What is a Grappling Dummy?

A grappling dummy is a human-molded preparing gadget that can encourage proficient and novice contenders sharpen their abilities without harming their preparation accomplice. The bust sort of grappling dummies fill in as a genuine substitute for the human body. Grappling dummies are extraordinary for solo bores for wrestlers, for example, suplexes and take downs for judo and jiu-jitsu specialists.

There are a wide range of sorts of grappling dummies accessible for warriors, each with their own particular outline that will help with a specific style of grappling. A few dummies are essentially utilized for accommodation rehearse, while others can be utilized for tossing or striking. All Grappling dummies fill a genuine need when helping a contender sharpen their strategy.

Kinds of Dummies Available

There are two sorts of dummies accessible for warriors to utilize and it is imperative to realize what device will be appropriate for the activity.

Tossing and Striking

Tossing and striking dummies are extraordinary for rehearsing hard tack downs that would regularly harm an a preparation accomplice. They additionally serve an awesome substitute for contenders hoping to hones their ground and pound without harming another warrior. Tossing and striking dummies regularly have furrowed appendages and settled standing positions that make it difficult to put in accommodation positions.

Grappling and Submission

Grappling and Submission dummies are utilized for warriors hoping to bore specific entries from the monitor, side control, mount and then some. These dummies are typically lighter in weight so don’t make an interpretation of also into take downs as other grappling dummies.

What to Look For in a Grappling Dummy

When searching for a grappling dummy an accommodation style dummy will function admirably for a considerable measure of contenders. Clearly their dummies utilize will depend of the individual contender’s needs, so ensure the warrior realizes what they need to bore before looking and making a buy.

Accommodation style dummies offer greater flexibility over the long haul because of their adaptable appendages.

Things to Consider When Buying A Grappling Dummy

Purchasing the correct dummy for can be a dubious thing when there are such a significant number of accessible to contenders. Ensure you recognize what you need to utilize your dummies for and what their abilities are as a preparation device


This is a standout amongst the most essential parts of picking a wrestling dummy, yet it is likely a standout amongst the most dubious perspectives. a dummy with firm appendages are incredible for take downs and strikes, however troublesome in case you’re searching for accommodation.

An adaptable MMA dummy’s appendages will come back to their unique position on the accommodation has been discharged offering a more characteristic fighting accomplice. An adaptable grappling dummy ought to have the capacity to be formed into any position the contender requires, so on the off chance that they are rehearsing monitor, they ought to have the capacity to set the dummy into a bowing position, while as yet holding regular appendage structure to guarantee great preparing.


A well-made grappling dummy ought to be made of materials that will withstand an incessant beating. Fasten regions ought to be fortified in all the correct spots. For instance a jiu-jitsu dummy ought to be fortified in all the joint regions, generally a warrior may detach an appendage with little power. A well made dummy ought to have the capacity to a years ago not weeks.


The heaviness of the dummy is presumably a standout amongst the most essential parts of picking a dummy that suits you. In case you’re searching for a takedown dummy, ensure if is an adequate weight that will enable you to penetrate your procedures appropriately. The dummy ought to be sufficiently substantial that it is a push to move, however sufficiently light that it won’t harm the contender due to over preparing. Frequently or not you can fill a dummy to make it heavier or lighter, so check with the fabricate before purchasing.


Notwithstanding weight, stature is a staggeringly imperative factor to consider while picking the correct grappling dummy. An appropriate grappling dummy ought to be about an indistinguishable range from a battle, making it’s taking care of considerably less demanding and more reasonable.

Capacity to wear a Gi

This is the most imperative perspective for Judo and Jiu-Jitsu warriors, the capacity to wear a gi is a standout amongst the most vital things for these professionals. The capacity to wear a gi will build the realiser for the battling knowledge and will likewise enable the contenders to expand their scope of moves.

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