Fuji Double Weave Judo GI Uniform Review

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Solid Bjj Gi, Tough, Great for rolling. Lightweight and high quality seams and stitching




Fuji Double Weave Judo GI Uniform Review


  • Thick collar
  • Double weave weight
  • Soft 100% cotton
  • High quality seams and stitching


Performance and use

The double weave is appropriate for jiu jitsu and it’s very sturdy. You will have a great time rolling in this bjj gi



  • this bjj gi will not shrink it all
  • after a few months of wearing this bjj gi, I had no tears or threads coming loose at all
  • it’s built to last
  • it’s very light and sturdy



  • this jiu jitsu gi runs a little bigger than other bjj gi‘s
  • it takes about a week to break in, but when it does its beautiful
  • it does not come with a belt


Overall this is a very great jiu jitsu gi. You can wear this for a bunch of months, and it will not tear. It’s deftly built to last it’s light and it’s very sturdy you going to love it

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