Hayabusa Stealth Pearl Weave BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

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Hayabusa Stealth Pearl Weave BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Review


  • IBJJF CERTIFIED – 100% compliant with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) and competition regulations
  • DURABILITY – The Stealth Gi features a 420-gsm pearl weave jacket and 8oz. cotton ripstop pants, durable pieces that will last round after round. Reinforced stress areas throughout the jacket and pants help resist pulling and tugging.
  • STRIKING DESIGN – Subtle, low-profile patches and embroidery on the lapel, chest, shoulders, back and leg give the Stealth Gi just enough style while remaining sleek
  • PRE-WASHED & PRE-SHRUNK – Each gi comes pre-washed and pre-shrunk, providing you with the best fit possible
  • MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE – Available in sizes A0 to A5


  • Fits really nice
  • Very comfortable, very minimalistic design
  • Great to roll in
  • Wicked looking
  • Very Light
  • Very breathable
  • Great customer service if you have any issues.


  • Not many patches, but that may be a good thing for some. If you want some patches check some out here



Overall this is a great jiu jitsu gi. It’s very comfortable, very minimalistic design, not loaded with patches, very stealthy, has a crisp, lightweight feel, but is made from strong material. Great to roll in. You will feel like a ninja. This bjj gi does run a little tight, you may feel more comfortable getting a size up and shrinking it according to your liking’s. We only say this because there were a few people who said it runs a little tight and they don’t like the fitted feel as much as a looser feel. You can always shrink something, but you can never add more fabric . So it’s really how you like your jiu jitsu gi fitting, I like mine on the loser side, so I always buy a size up then shrink it in hot water and high heat until it fits me the way I want it to, then after that I wash in cold water and hang dry and it always fits the way I wanted it to.

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Overall fit

9.4 /10


9.7 /10


9.0 /10


9.7 /10


  • This is very stealth, it doesn't have a lot of patches on it to get you distracted and gives you a very clean look
  • This fit is very nice, it looks very nice you'll get complemented for sure
  • Overall this is a very nice product, it fits very nice and you'll even feel like a ninja, it's very comfortable, it doesn't have a flap that sticks out, it has a very crisp light yet strong feeling. Very nice to roll around in
  • It has a very minimalistic design, it comes with a plastic bag for easy storage
  • You will feel the quality of the material and also the stitching. It fits like a ninja. It's very comfortable as well


  • no belt
  • The string can come loose sometimes, may have to tie a strong knot.
  • It may run a little small for some people, maybe better to go up a size , you can always shrink it.

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