Tatami Mike Fowler BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Gi Review

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Looks wicked cool, very durable and fits really nice. Built to battle! And come on, Mike Fowler designed it!


Tatami Mike Fowler BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Gi Review


  • fully sublimated collar make this  Jiu Jitsu Gi stand out from the crowd
  • striking patterned design
  • Designed by Mike Fowler himself with the assistance of Tatami designers
  • Mike Fowler Jiu Jitsu Gi is made from Gold Weave material

Performance and use

Very durable, very sturdy material, comfortable and fits really nice.


  • exceptional quality and is so beautiful
  • very well fitting
  • very comfortable bjj gi, also looks really cool
  • well made it feels really really sturdy
  • Very stylish and fits great! Extremely high quality Gi


  • you will find that it will have more shrinkage than the Estilo 5.0 model. The shrinkage will be about 10% on cold wash
  • strange odor when it arrived, washed it, odor went away


Looks really great! Very well made and really sturdy. It will shrink 10% so understand your sizing correctly when you order it. Most bjj gi’s will shrink a little so please understand that.  Go up a size , you can always shrink it more with hot water and hot heat if you need to but you can’t add more cloth.

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