Venum Contender BJJ GI Review

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Venum Contender BJJ GI Review


Fits well, Great for Rolling


  • Brand New
  • Manufactured By Venum
  • 100% Cotton

Performance and Use

It can handle many rolls and can handle the wash well. Quite comfortable.



  • The color seemed to hold well after washing
  • have washed and dried the kimono a few times, and it fits well.
  • No wear or tears on it at all after many rolls



  •  buy this large if you intend to dry with some heat
  • the sleeves are about two inches past the wrist (which is a bit longer than it should be, but nothing a few minutes in the dryer or a quick hem wouldn’t fix)
  • it’s not pre-shrunk, so go up a size or 2
  • The string does fray on the ends after washing, but you can just cut that off and burn the ends to keep it from fraying again.


This is again a great jiu jitsu gi. It can handle many rolls and will last many years. It is strong material and also it can also handle the washer. It will still look good after many washes. Bummer is that it is not pre shrunk, so go up a size . It’s a great bjj gi!

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