Beginners Guide to Jiu Jitsu

Beginners Guide to Jiu Jitsu

What is the difference between gi and no gi?

Gi Jiu Jitsu is grappling with the use of a traditional Gi, which allows you to grab the clothing of your opponent. No Gi is grappling without the traditional uniform, instead you wear shorts and a rash guard. In no gi you cannot grab your opponent’s clothing. To be a complete BJJ player, you should train in both.

What is a GI in martial arts?

A karategi is somewhat similar to a judogi (柔道着 or 柔道衣, Judo uniform) as it shares a common origin; however, the material and cut of the uniform is generally much lighter and looser fitting

What is a gi Jiu Jitsu?

The gi (outfit, from Japanese 柔術着 jujutsu gijiujitsu uniform’) used in Brazilian jiujitsu was adapted from the uniform commonly used in Japanese martial arts. It is typically composed of a heavy cotton jacket and reinforced trousers

What is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian jiujitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique. The Gracie family, the founders of BJJ, modified judo and traditional Japanese jujutsu to create the art.

Where is Jiu Jitsu from?

Japanese JiuJitsu (practiced as Judo) was introduced to the Gracie family in Brazil around 1914 by Esai Maeda, who was also known as Conde Koma. Maeda was a champion of JiuJitsu and a direct student of Kano, at the Kodokan in Japan. He was born in 1878, and became a student of Judo (Kano’s JiuJitsu) in 1897

What color BJJ Gi to get?

Some BJJ practitioners prefer the white gi for this reason. I hear that most tournaments don’t allow gi colors other than white, blue, and black. It doesn’t sound like it’s an issue with this school, but some schools require that students only wear certain colors, such as white

How long does it take to get a black belt in jujitsu?

10 years
It can take upwards of 10 years to achieve the dan (black belt) grade, and requires not only technical knowledge, but also verifiable ability in sparring. Competition experience is also often expected. And as there are only a few belts, you will spend a long time on each one. Also, your progress will not be linear

Who is the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

T he history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) goes back through the Gracie family to their original teacher, Mitsuyo Maeda (Conde Coma) and his training in the Kodokan, the home of Judo. First, a brief history of the creation and evolution of Judo. J udo is the creation of Jigoro Kano (1860-1938)

What is Japanese jujitsu?

Judo. Jujutsu (/dʒuːˈdʒuːtsuː/ joo-JOOT-soo; Japanese: 柔術, jūjutsu listen (help. · info)), westernized as jiu-jitsu, is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon.

What size Jiu Jitsu Gi do I need?

Please refer to sizing chart in the menu
But the generic sizing is as follow…
Sizing Information
Size Height Weight
A2 5’6″ – 5’9″ 165 lbs. – 190 lbs.
A2S 5’7″ – 5’10” 175 lbs. – 215 lbs. *Pearl Only
A3 5’10” – 6’2″ 190 lbs. – 215 lbs.
A3L 6’2″ – 6’6″ 190 lbs. – 245 lbs. *Pearl Only

What size Jiu Jitsu belt do I need?

Please refer to sizing chart in the menu
But the generic sizing is as follow…
Fuji BJJ Gi Belt
Fuji Gi Sizing Chart
Height (in.) Weight (lbs.) Recommended Size
5’5″-5’9″ 140-170 A2
5’9-6’1″ 170-200 A3
6’0″-6’4″ 200-250 A4


What is the difference between Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo descended from the ancient samurai unarmed fighting art known as Jujutsu. Jujutsu or “Japanese Jiu Jitsu” incorporates strikes, throws, trips, and ground fighting into a more general hand to hand combat approach.

How do I shrink a BJJ Gi?

  1. Turn your gi inside out (this will keep your patches, stitching and color secure). Don’t believe me? …
  2. Wash in cool water. Never use warm water (unless you want you gi to shrink, if so, see below). …
  3. Hang or even line dry. …
  4. Never ever use chlorine bleach.

How do you wash a BJJ Gi?

Throw in 1 -1.5 cups of distilled white vinegar, make sure you get your collar, arm pit, crotch areas on your Gi. Then, add a cup of baking soda to the load and a small amount of detergent. (Too much detergent that doesn’t get rinsed out is what collects additional funk.) Wash heavy with warm water

Can you dry your GI?

Your gi, likely made of mostly cotton, is no different. Drying your gi in a hot dryer will cause shrinkage, and there’s really no telling how much it will shrink. The pants might shrink differently than the jacket. If your gi is a bit big and you want to take a shot at shrinking it, than a hot dry tumble is an option.

How do you wash rash guards?

Here are some care tips:
  1. After each wearing, immediately rinse your rash guard garments with cool fresh water.
  2. Do not use hot water, use cool or tepid water for washing or rinsing.
  3. It is best to wash a rash guard by hand and not in the washer.