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Do you train your neck for BJJ? Neiman Gracie shows you how

Physical training is important to serious athletes of BJJ and other martial arts — not just for strength, but also to prevent injuries. Making yourself stronger prevents tendons and some sensitive muscles getting injured under stress. Arms, legs and abs tend to get lots of attention — but what about your neck? Do you usually train it?
Neiman Gracie, a crack BJJ fighter who fights MMA in Bellator, takes really good care of his neck muscles. Anyone who practices BJJ will tell you that the region of shoulders, trapezius and neck takes a real beating during an intense session, and to Neiman, strengthening the region allows him to feel safer when training throughout the week. He uses a specific device to put a load on a hook and add resistance to the act of raising the neck, and does sets as with any other body part one would work out.
“I do it about three times a week to get my neck stronger,” he says. “I do it in the form of three to four sets, 20 to 25 reps, with weights of around 5kg. It helps me in my BJJ and boxing training. Having a strong neck is always a good thing.”
Watch Neiman’s routine below.

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