Fuji Judo Uniform Review

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Fuji Judo Uniform Review


Soft & incredible, 100% cotton

Truly Impressed!

Great and high-quality stitching

Superior Product

Competitive pricing


  • Soft, 100% cotton
  • High quality stitching
  • Competitive pricing

Performance and Use

The FUJI Judo Uniform, this jiu jitsu gi is an extremely nice gi all around that comes with a lot of qualities. With great and high-quality stitching, the Fuji Judo Uniform, this bjj gi is made with one hundred percent soft cotton. The product has similar things that are mostly liked including their lightweight, soft and breathable material, durable to last a couple of years, and their fit sizes that are well for children as well.


  • It is single-weave, which builds it thinner and lighter in weight. As such, this FUJI bjj gi uniform can be additional breathable material as compared to others. When training this breathable material provides you a cooler experience.
  • It comes with a lot of different sizes that should suitable and fit comfortably on children as well as fit for those kids that are young as four years old.
  • They are durable and strong enough to hold up frequently against throws and additional ways and techniques.
  • For those older, sizes can run large and big but consider the shrinkage and reduction that will happen, and you should have jiu jitsu gi that fits fine.
  • Holds up nicely and well to aggressive rolling and drilling.
  • For the beginning competitor the Fuji Judo gi, it work as an optimal and best starter Fuji jui jitsu gi.
  • Great material for the cost you pay.
  • Comes with White Belt




This jiu jitsu gi- Fuji Judo Uniform, is actually an outstanding and excellent selection especially for those beginner competitors who are just starting out. It’s a very nice jiu jitsu gi for the price. The quality is great and you will like the durability of this breathable material product.

Overall the Fuji Judo Uniform,  is super thin and lighter in weight. The product has a high quality that is perfect for competitors. The gi is very soft, comfortable and has a nice feel. Great for the price!

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