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Lídio Henrique teaches two finishes starting from the omoplata

Lídio Henrique.
The leader of GFTeam Rocha Miranda, in Rio de Janeiro, Lídio Henrique is known for his surprising transitions. Here and there he teaches some of his tricks to Graciemag readers, and this time he brings two ways to secure the finish when your opponent tries to defend against the omoplata.
In the lesson, which begins with Lídio going for the omoplata from the hook guard, we have in the first scenario a defense with posture, which he foils with his foot on the armpit to create the necessary angle to stretch his opponent and finish on the arm.
In the second variation, when his opponent gets up to try to free the arm, Lídio gets tangled in his opponent’s legs and takes him down, with the leg lock ready to be done.

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