how to lose weight fast

how to lose weight fast

How to Cut Weight Fast for Fighting

What’s going on guys breakfast time early morning we’re gonna make a shake this is where I get a lot of my carbs this is where I get a lot of kale I get my Greek yogurt I get my fruits so let’s do it I’ll do it in this order it’s the best way blends I put a ton of oatmeal on here oatmeal for me is kind of hard to eat so if I can get like I eyeball everything but probably like I’m going a little over a cup there then I’ll put in strawberries which had blueberries usually get blueberries and strawberries but again just eyeball it just probably about four or five in there half a banana then I’ll put the Cal and Cal’s another thing that’s hard to eat based on the texture a lot of people cook it or fake it I like eating it raw but like I said it’s tough to eat so I got to blend it up with my shakes in here so try to get as much in there as I can leafy greens best leafy greens you can get right here is kale top it off with the protein Greek yogurt actually before I put this in fill it up with some water and then finally just finish it off protein Greek yogurt ton of protein in here alright guys I will just blend it up and honestly the taste isn’t the greatest it’s not the worst but I don’t drink it for the taste I drink it for what’s inside of it so depending on what you put in it if you put a lot of Kalin it’s going to be green a lot of the times it’s like a straight brown for me like I said doesn’t look the best doesn’t taste the best but it’s like it’s like a super shake it’s got all the best stuff that you need in here a great way to start your morning sometimes this isn’t enough since I’m cutting weight though this is probably all I’m going to drink this morning maybe have like a piece of toast or something like I said I like to load up on my carbs in the morning so that I can burn them for the rest of the day lunch and dinner is just straight protein and fats from there Cheers alright guys so it’s lunch time keeping it lean avoiding the carbs I’m doing leafy greens and I’m doing some eggs hard-boiled eggs and I’m doing tuna and I’m avoiding any dressings instead what I like to do is salsa alright so I’m going to fill this bowl up big bowl ton of greens here I got mixed greens it’s got baby kale spinach I’m going to do probably one hard-boiled egg and like I said one can of tuna no mayo or anything like that just plain the salsa adds to it it’s got a little bit of sodium in it but that’s fine I mean it’s still going to be lean enough I’m going to burn all these calories and still lose the weight that I’m going for so let’s do it ton of protein like I said low on carbs a little bit of sodium that’s okay all good stuff boom munch mmm all right it’s dinner time we’re going with omelets all right we make a mixed green salsa avocado omelet it’s got a lot of healthy fats it’s got a ton of protein a little high in cholesterol but I’m not eating like this you know every day for months at a time this is just to cut weight here so a little bit of butter on the pan then we’ll go right with the greens like the father greens up a little bit first to make sure they cook a little bit so pretty much just cover the pan a little bit less let them cook for a couple seconds and then three egg omelet right on top all right so bet one minute covered medium-high heat and then we got the flip let’s see if I mess it up ready are you I’ll get Ad and then like literally like 10 seconds right here and then it’s done oh yeah that’s an omelet be shame phase and king of the omelet King of the Ring I’m gonna put some salsa some avocado boom dinner are you guys thanks for watching so if at any point I felt hungry fatigued you know I didn’t get enough calories don’t have a quest bar protein shake salad you know insoluble fiber now leading up to the fight as it gets closer night before day of I’m not going to be drinking any water I got to cut that water wait day before I’ll probably just be drinking tea you know iced tea hot tea because it goes right through you

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