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Rigan Machado Promotes Charlie Hunnam (and Joel Kinnaman)

Rigan Machado’s stable of capable celebrity grapplers grew this week, with professor promoting Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) to blue belt. Machado’s Hollywood clientele also includes the newly promoted Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon, House of Cards) and purple belt Ashton Kutcher (Punked, That 70s Show). Machado posts fairly frequently about about his students’ dedication to training outside of their on-the-job fight choreography, and is known in the film industry as the guy who can teach your leading men/women how to fight without messing their faces up for the camera in the process.
Presumably Hunnam has come a long way since this rolling omoplata, his public BJJ debut, in Pacific Rim in 2013. (Note: Submission is preceded by the worst spinning backfist in American cinema history.)

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