How to Sew On a Jiu Jitsu GI Patch

How to Sew On a Jiu Jitsu GI Patch

How to Sew On a Jiu Jitsu GI Patch

The gi, also known as dogi, is the traditional and old-style uniform of the Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. An old-style gi contains a kimono-style, long-sleeved white jacket and white drawstring pants. Up-to-date gi occasionally incorporates stripes or piping. Gi comes with plenty of colors including blue or black, or even red or flag designs. Fresh and advanced gi can also sport patches showing the style, rank, school, role, or nation of the wearer.
Sewing a patch on a gi is an effortless and easy process that only require some tools.
Consult with your organization regarding the suitable places for your patches. A lot of institutes have terms for correctly where the patches ought to be worn. A lot also prohibit inappropriate patches.


1.) Measure to discover the exact position of the patch. With make use of 2 or 3 pins pin it to the gi.
2.) Put on your belt and your gi. Be cautious not to stick yourself with the pins or knock the patch lose. In the mirror check the patch or grab your helper to check it for you. Ensure the patch is conventional and straight, averting it a little if needed. Add some additional pins to ensure the patch doesn’t alter or move while sewing.
3.) With about two ft. of the thread, thread the needle. Knot one end of the thread. Leave a sufficient quantity of the undone end of the thread hanging from the additional spot of the needle.
4.) From the inside of the gi add the needle at the edge of the patch. To the outside of the bjj gi pull the entire of the thread, trying to make certain the knot is holding on the inside. Catch a slight quantity, around 1/16 in., of the beneath side of the patch of the edge through your needle. Pull the thread through. Add the needle rear into the gi just in your sew on the edge of the patch. From the inside of the gi add the needle around 1/4 to 1/8 in. from the first sew. Rehearse the procedure until you have completely moved from the way around the outside of the edge of the patch.

Things Required

Patch – Get here
Stitching needle, a medium-sized “sharp” works greatest-Get a sewing kit here for under $13
Pins, either safety or straight pins- Get here
Ruler or fabric tape measure- Get here
An assistant (optional)- Get a book about how to win friends and influence them here
Thread similar to the color of your gi -sewing kit above for under $13 has multiple color threads

IBJJF Gi Regulations Decoded



If on the left or right breast of the jacket you patch is worn, it is particularly significant to check to ensure the patch is conventional and straight while wearing your belt and the jacket. What looks conventional while your jacket is placed out on a desk infrequently looks straight once you are inside the jacket.
The time you hold the edge of the patch with your needle, don’t poke wholly the way by the patch, just collect a lesser quantity of the edge sewing. In addition, keep your sews beneath the edge of the patch as much as you can. The aim is to consume as limited sews as possible show while wearing your gi.


If you battle in competitions, check the necessities of administrators’ before stitching on patches. Some competitions will not enable you to wear a structural patch while you are challenging.
If the patch or the gi is additional weighty, you may require making use of a cover to push the needle through the stuff.

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