Fuji Summerweight Bjj Uniform Review

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Fuji Summerweight Bjj Uniform


Well-made Gi, Fits Good

Summer lightweight pearl weave

Preshrinking decreases overall shrinkage

A bit stiff but a lot durable

Comfortably manufactured, Made from 100% cotton

Countless for hot climate training and for weighing in at competitions

Includes both pant and jackets and comes with two free Fuji covers (belt not included)


  • Pearl weave
  • Thick rubber collar resistant to mildew
  • Preshrunk Gi
  • Durable pants
  • Includes two FREE sew on patches

Performance and Use   

The Fuji Summer Weight BJJ uniform is a pearl weave, however, the weight isn’t specified, and it feels like a 450 or 500 GSM. Whereas the product is not really the lightest or softest as compare to other GI’s, the material of the jacket feels pretty stiff but a lot durable. In addition, it’s not a lot rough or stiff as some of other pearl weaves GIs after washing.


  • This Fuji Summerweight BJJ Uniform Jiu Jitsu Gi is super light and incredibly a lot recommended to those who do training especially in summer season hot weather and require to wear Gi then its perfect selection for them. In addition, it’s perfect for making weight at tournaments.
  • The jacket has a Fuji logo ribboning the inside of the collar that is actually quite strong, beefy and feels durable to the grip.
  • The style of this Fuji BJJ Gi is simple, that covering the Fuji Sports logo on the left sleeve of the jacket and on the center of the back.
  • This Gi is decent for weekly training or for tournaments. The kimono is made with standard BJJ cut for a tighter fit.
  • This white pearl weave BJJ uniform is light and highly breathable, similar to a single weave Gi, but also features greater and enhanced durability.
  • The rubberized lapel gives suitable grip feel throughout handling while avoiding common germs build-up difficulties.


  • The material is not that thick, good for people who may sweat a lot or for people who just rather have a lightweight bjj gi.
  • The belt is not included, but click the belt link to see belt reviews.
  • Not many patcheson this bjj gi..Look here for patches


The Fuji Summerweight BJJ Uniform is a great inexpensive Gi that truly delivers further than what you’d think from that price point. So, if you are looking for a slim fit Gi at an affordable and cheap price, this may well be it.

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