jiu jitsu workout

jiu jitsu workout

Jiu Jitsu Workout

Okay guys and girls so you’ve been asking for some at-home drills that you can do and I applaud you for that that’s awesome that you want to be able to do practice at home and improve your Jiu jitsu so what I’m going to give what we’re going to start with is what I consider to be the five most important drills that you can be doing every single day okay again every single day you can find time to do them twice a day even better and as we go through the next few weeks I’ll film a few more articles of some more at-home drills that you can do that will help to improve your Jiu jitsu so you know what are the importance of the drills what you guys hear us say it you know the high ranks at the Academy say it all the time you know it’s paint the fence paint the fence paint the fence pink defense you can learn all the techniques you want and study them in books study them on articles you know learn them from your instructor whatever but if you don’t have the concept of jiu jitsu in other words the way your body has to fundamentally move in order to cause the techniques to work then all these techniques you’re learning are pointless so the drills are going to be designed to create the movements necessary to fuel the techniques that you’re learning all right so let’s start out at home hip escapes now normally you know that they can we’ve got lots of math escapes so we’re hip escaping through movement up and down the mat up and down the mat now I understand you don’t have you know 30 40 feet to hip escape at home you’re just going to be in your living room so we’re going to do the hip escape in a little bit different manner so that you can do it at home but it’s going to be nonetheless more effective you know just as effective as if you’re doing it here so start on your back bring that right foot up now we’re going to just do our standard normal hip escape right so lift the hip jackknife the body if you’re trying to touch the toes in that nice shrimp up position now we’re going to keep this foot on the ground and all I’m going to do is reverse that action back just resetting the action right hip escape reverse escape reverse other side hit the skate reverse it just keep Reverse so you can see I don’t get a lot of room I can do this right side of my living room all they need is a little bit of space all right three sets of twenty like I said if you do them twice a day great but minimum three sets of twenty a day let’s move into the next most important when I feel which is the bridge all right the bridging is going to have it have a number of effects one it’s going to get you used to the movement of bridging which is going to be important in a lot of the techniques you learn but two it’s also going to help to strengthen your core all right a strong core is going to lead to a healthy spine and a healthy spine is going to lead to longer jiu-jiu jitsu career so the bridging is multi-layered all right lots of reasons to bridge so what we’re talking about as far as bridging we’re not talking about the normal you know wrestler style bridge we’re going to bridge up on our neck what we want to do is bring the feet in nice and close heels close to the butt and I want to bridge over my shoulder alright if my if my head is midnight my shoulder is 11 and 1 so when I bridge I really want to lift off the floor lifting my hips getting way up onto this shoulder and I want to use my far arm to touch the mat with my speaker right here really turning my body into a long lever back down same thing on the other side lift the butt except the hips reach with that finger and touch the mat at 11 o’clock one o’clock 11 o’clock one o’clock 11 o’clock alright create leverage through your whole body get three set to 20 while you’re at home you can do them two times a day perfect the next one is the roll over’s the roll over’s are going to have again it’s a multi-layered drill teaching your body to move in a specific manner that’s going to be applicable across lots of different techniques and situations so the roll over’s you know one they’re going to be great for sweeps – they’re going to be great for scrambles so sweeps and scrambles where you want to wind up on top three they’re going to be great for guard retention and replacement you know for people passing your guard you want to keep them in it and where they or they have passed and you’re trying to replace the guard so hit roll over’s starting on our back again is if we were going to shrimp feed her up start with our right leg I’m going to step this right leg way over here touching the ball to my foot to the ground and now I’m going to drag this left knee right through the tunnel that I’ve created here left leg over notice I’m even lifting my hip up to get off the ground a little bit right leg under right leg over left leg under let’s leg over right leg on here all right you see I don’t need a lot of space in my living room to do this don’t need a lot of space just step pull step pull okay three sets of twenty the hip rulers are going to be fantastic you’re going to see that element in a lot of techniques rolling tumbling okay lots of ways that we can tumble forward backwards sideways all different angles crazy inversions all kinds of stuff but what we’re talking about again fundamentally is the ability to roll over your shoulder safely to protect your neck so we’re going to talk about the forward rolls the forward tumble going to require a little bit more room in your in your living room but nonetheless doable so start down your knees nice and neutral let’s roll over our left shoulder first so in order to roll over our left shoulder we’re going to place that right hand at the floor I want to reach my left fingers back whereas my pinky is towards the floor and my thumb is towards my chest I’m reaching underneath my legs as if I want to touch my own butt okay so my hand goes through my elbow goes through my shoulder goes through everything’s going through my shoulder is going to the floor as the arm travels between my legs to touch my butt my hips start to raise off the ground I’ve tucked my left ear to the floor as well and I roll over my left shoulder coming through to a sit position all right back it up so you don’t go through your TV back onto your knees try it on the other side now placing the left hand the right hand starts to go between my legs then pinky to the floor the thumb towards my chest start to take that hand in that wrist between my legs like I want to touch my button I start to raise my hips allowing my right here to go to the floor coming to the sit position slide back you want to get left side right side left side right side all right three sets of twenty again if you can find the time to do this twice a day it’s going to feed even better now the last room we’re going to hit got lots of names for it you know I’ve heard it called the Gracie get up I’ve heard it called the Masters stance well you know whatever you call it it’s essentially standing up with base standing up in base and we’re going to use it a lot you know it’s obviously the best way you can stand up in a fight but you’re also going to use the grace to get up anytime you’re sweeping but not anytime but a lot of times when you’re sweeping you’re going to use the grace to get up and you know a few other scrambling issues that you’re going to find where you’re going to need to stand up technically and properly so as you have good base and you’re not you know not getting knocked over so Gracie get up fairly simple here we’ll turn this way we’re going to bring our left foot in to a comfortable seated position my left arm on top of my left knee my right foot right near bent and you can see I got the l-shape okay the 90-degree angle of my hips and my knees here my right hand about 12 to 14 inches behind my butt so it’s just again I’m sitting at home I’m watching TV chilling out and unwinding on the floor now I need to get up so I’m going to raise my hips off the ground by putting the weight on in my left foot my right hand here raising my butt off the floor what I want I want to get this right foot and right knee behind my bottom right so
I’m going after a little bit more so raise the butt swivel my belt buckle in my face towards the ground making sure my right knee and my right foot laying behind my hand standing up letting that left foot slide in and I’m going to be a Mongo base so again left leg bent left arm on top right knee bent hips are at a 90 degree angle knees are at a 90 degree angle everything’s very comfortable very natural body mechanics my right hand is about 12 to 14 inches behind my but I want to swivel my entire core on a swivel my entire hips so lifting the butt off the floor I want to swivel my belt buckle towards the floor that’s going to free up my hips to raise and I head to lower so that my hips can freely swivel to bring this behind my arm my right knee my right foot behind my arm now sliding the left foot in I stand on my full height we don’t want this which I’ll want your foot to land in front of your hand you’re off base drop fast really allow your hips your head to dip your hips to raise your body to swivel so that it can land behind your hand same thing three sets of twenty you know mixing it up on it on the sides if you can do it you know two times a day even better so these are the top five drills guys hip escapes bridges rollovers tumbling and the getting up and base very important do them every single day and look for more articles  see you guys soon

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jiu jitsu workout

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