Hayabusa Cotton Shinju 2 Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

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Hayabusa Cotton Shinju 2 Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi Review



Fit: As expected (100%)


Nice bjj gi that isn’t the lightest jiu jitsu gi, but it is very good quality material. It is breathable because of the cotton. This bjj gi is very comfortable and the look is killer. Fits great 1st time out of the packaging.


  • Designed with 550-gsm Pearl Weave Material for Superior Strength and Durability
  • 10oz Cotton Ripstop Pants for Ultimate Comfort and Maneuverability
  • Quick-Dry, Fully Breathable and Preshrunk for an Ideal Fit
  • Patch Detailing On Lapel, Chest, Shoulders, Back and Legs
  • Adorned with Traditional Kanjis Meaning “Certain Victory”


  • Ripstop pantsslightly slimmer than most. Made from a lightweight ripstop material that moves and dries very well. They have a round cord, with multiple loops on each side to keep the cord secure.
  • the pants has rip-stop technology which is great in order to avoid major rips.
  • feels very durable and breathes well
  • the patches look good on it and the black and red-tealgreen color scheme is very well done


  • after one wash in cold water with hanging it to dry, it appeared that the sleeves shrunk just a tiny bit, it hasn’t shrunk anymore after that
  • not the lightest gi i own but not the heaviest,


The GI is like armor yet very comfortable. A high quality product at an affordable price.The top is thick and feels very durable and high quality.




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