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Fellipe Andrew’s winning foot lock at the Curitiba Spring Open

Heavyweight podium at the Curitiba Open, with Fellipe at the top.
It was a perfect weekend for Fellipe Andrew, of Zenith JJ. Fighting at the Curitiba Open, held last weekend, he won all of the four finals he took part in.
In the classical heavyweight final, for example, Fellipe secured the top spot in a match versus Hygor Brito (Cícero Costha) that was decided in the details. After they got tangled up playing guard and Fellipe came up, Hygor managed to attack with a sweep.
But before Hygor could come up to score the points, Fellipe went for the foot and started adjusting. The following minutes were marked by Hygor moving and attacking Fellipe’s foot, until Fellipe got his foot lock right and caused Hygor to tap out.
Watch it here:

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