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Video: Rodolfo Vieira beats Mahamed Aly in the gi for $30k

Rodolfo has his arm raised after a tough match with Mahamed.
After a long hiatus in the search for challenges in MMA, Rodolfo Vieira went back to donning his gi this Saturday, and for a good reason. He took part in the 1st annual Black Belt CBD Jiu-Jitsu Invitational, in Las Vegas, and the tournament featuring four athletes per division had the allure of a potential 30,000-dollar payday.
Winners were known at the end of three five-minute rounds per fight, with each round counting as one point toward the win. In his bracket, Rodolfo first defeated Kit Dale with an armlock at the end of round one. Then he faced Mahamed Aly, who had beaten Tarsis Humphreys in his semifinal.
The fight between Mahamed and Rodolfo was a true battle, with real chances for both sides in all three rounds. In the end, Rodolfo took it, having won two of the three rounds.
Gilbert “Durinho” and Ana Carolina Vieira also walked away with victories, beating DJ Jackson and Luiza Monteiro respectively and also bagging 30k. The event had also a superfight between UFC veterans Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin, the three rounds of which were won by Mir.
Watch the video below to see Rodolfo’s entire final.

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