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Why we chose Victor Hugo as the strongest brown-belt today

Victor Hugo represented Ribeiro JJ at the Spyder Invitational. Spyder
BJJ is in constant evolution, and new stars pop up all the time to send chills down the spines of even elite athletes. After shining as a blue- and a purple-belt, Victor Hugo, of Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, kept accelerating in the brown belt — and he promises to make even more noise at black.
For now, as an aspiring BJJ teacher, Victor continues to amass titles. An ultra-heavyweight world champion and absolute runner-up, he took part in the Spyder Invitationnal event held this year in Seoul, South Korea. His strong showing in the qualifiers earned him a spot in the final event, scheduled for November.
In one match, Victor faced black-belt world championship runner-up Tommy Langaker and showcased all of his versatility both playing guard and on top. Watch the following video, captured by Graciemag from an exclusive point of view, and understand why Victor Hugo has the potential to become one of the big stars of worldwide jiu-jitsu in a very near future.

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