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Claudia do Val and Jackson Sousa shine at the Geneva Open

Jackson Sousa topping the super-heavyweight podium.
Switzerland’s second most populous city, Geneva, welcomed fighters and enthusiasts of BJJ at the 2018 Geneva International Open, held October 20–21.
Among black-belt standouts, Jackson Sousa and Claudia do Val stood out some more, each winning quadruple gold.
For Jackson, the blowout started as he took down the classical super-heavyweight division by defeating Uros Domanovic (GFTeam). Then, in the absolute, Jackson closed it out with his Checkmat mate Philippe Pomaski, who was the medium heavy champion. And then it was deja vu on Sunday, with the same results being repeated in the no-gi section.
Claudia do Val (De La Riva) won four gold medals even though she fought only once, beating Claire-France Thevenon (Mako Team Paris) in the gi absolute division.
Click here to learn the weekend’s complete results.

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